The conference is organized under the auspices of the Moscow Mathematical Society.

The Gnedenko Forum provides informational support for the Conference.

The Gnedenko Forum (the Forum) is to serve as an umbrella organization for fulfilling the professional needs of all individuals who have an interest in the scientific and technical aspects of reliability, risk analysis and safety, theoretical and applied. The Forum will be virtual and internet – based, unencumbered by obligations to commercial and profit-making entities. It is designed to encompass all technical specialists interested in the topic of reliability, safety and risk analysis irrespective of their physical and organizational co-ordinates.

The Forum was founded in 2005 by Igor Ushakov and Alexander Bochkov as an informal international group of experts on reliability. The Forum is named after Boris Gnedenko, outstanding Soviet mathematician, specialist in probability theory, mathematical statistics, probability and statistical methods and Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. The Forum is a non-profit organization. Financial support of the Forum (for instance, payment for the Forum’s website, editing of journal papers, website maintenance and operation) is based on voluntary donations from the Forum’s members.

Currently, the Forum consists of 350 participants from 47 countries.

Starting from January 2006, the Forum began releasing its quarterly electronic journal «Reliability: Theory & Applications». The journal is registered in the US Library of Congress (ISSN 1932-2321). The journal publishes articles, critical reviews, memories, information and bibliographies on the theoretical and applied aspects of reliability, security, survivability, maintenance and methods of analysis and risk management. As if 2017, it has published 43 issues and over 450 articles.

The Forum will also serve as an unbiased and neutral entity that disseminates scientific information to the press and the public on matters pertaining to the risk and reliability of complex technological systems. It will publish newsletters, technical papers, technical reports, and expository essays for timely dissemination of knowledge and information, but with a strong emphasis on scientific credibility. It will also serve as a vehicle for disseminating information on scholarships, fellowships, and academic and professional positions in reliability, safety and risk analysis all over the world.