Conference programme

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) & RUDN University, Moscow, Russia

VENUES: V1: MSU, Leninskie gory, 1 (registration, welcome ceremony, plenary talks) and 
V2: RUDN, Ordjonikidze str, 3 (registration, keynotes, sessions)

Analytical and Computational Methods in Probability Theory and its Applications (ACMPT-2017)

Conference programme is available via this link: ACMPT 2017_Agenda

ACMPT-2017 program v25_10

Questions for discussion at the Round Table #2: “Golden Years of Moscow Mathematics”

1. Will the mathematical schools in the 21st century?
2. What should the mainstream school education (including mathematical one) be aimed at: at education of
– a qualified consumer?
– an smart manager?
– a creative personality?
3. What should be done by?
– the University
– the state
– the humanity
for the development of mathematics and mathematical education?
4. What kind of problems will prevail in the next decade?